KTC Sörmland (Sweden) consists of three sections:

Department of trauma and emergency treatment. We help people who suffer from crisis or traumatic events to recover and to prevent long-term psychological problems.

Department of psychotherapeutic treatment. Structured psychotherapeutic treatment based on cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. We work with all kinds of psychological problems such as anxiety, life crises, depression, personality disorders, obsessive compulsion disorder, phobias and we provide psychological support to families in difficult situations. Our goal is to bring psychotherapy a step further. Beside visiting us we also do psychotherapy on Skype, phone and chat. We believe that psychotherapy should be available for everyone despite geographical distance or other difficulties to visit us in person. 

Department of risk analyses. We conduct risk analyses from a clinical and forensic linguistic point of view.




19-01-17-19-01-19 LONDON – Training In Ego State Therapy With Robin Shapiro.

Finally, time for this workshop I’ve been waiting for. I landed at Stansted, with high expectations. The first day I found out that the participants had a long experience in working with trauma psychology. Many of us used EMDR as a tool In treatment. We learned to know each other quickly. Discussions started and we had a lot of knowledge and experiences to share. We had a fantastic teacher, Robin Shapiro from the US. The lectures was combined with practice. Peace’s started to fit in. The evenings were filled with discussions with two of my Swedish colleagues at some of the English pubs. Getting back to Sweden, cold winter,  from a London going towards spring…although my head was full of new knowledge, ideas and inspiration.

2018 Kris och TraumaCentrum Sörmland celebrates 10 years. A lot of things has happened during 10 years, and a lot of things are planed for the future.

2017 April-May. Kris och Traumacentrum Sörmland goes to Iraq, Working in refugee camps outside Kirkuk.

  • Dubai 21-23 Mars 2017 Kris & TraumaCentrum visits and participates at DIHAD
  • DIHAD continues to build bridges between various entities and countries from around the globe engaged in addressing the needs of those affected by crisis, disaster or the adverse effects of under-development. They also strive to provide a platform where assistance providers can interface with relevant departments from the corporate and Governmental sectors with a view to creating meaningful synergies in support of those in need.

This event was the ideal space for people in the humanitarian sector to interact, foster partnerships, seek donors and learn about success stories from other humanitarian organisations. It also offers a unique platform to set up new supply channels within the industries of trading, exporting, manufacturing, emergency food, pharmaceuticals, housing and shelter, solar energy, transportation and education.

The main elements for the DIHAD 2017 was the conference, the exhibition and the interactive training sessions. These components are all part of an integrated concept that takes into account all of the latest trends and developments with the global assistance domain.

17-02-14 ” The purpose of therapy is to help the client acknowledge, experience, and bear reality” (Bessel Van Der Kolk).

16-12-22 ” We want to thank you all for this year, our co-workers, people who have given us their trust to help, in Sweden and abroad. We hope for a coming year of resilience and increasing hope and peace. Wishes from us to everyone of you, inshallah, god gives us guidance.”

16-11-25  Kris & TraumaCentrum Sörmland is proud and humble of have the possibility to be a part of this big context and contribute with our knowledge.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efB4zedA89U&feature=youtu.beit

16-11-01 In late November Kris and TraumaCentrum Sörmland will return to Afghanistan. We will continue our cooperation with NGO Tabish Organization. Our primary goal is to conduct a workshop about the theoretical principles of EMDR as a complement to an ongoing workshop regarding treatment of trauma. EMDR is today a well known method of  treating traumatic experiences. This is for us a very import step for increasing our cooperation with NGO Tabish Org. in Afghanistan.
Beside this we will get a very unique opportunity to discuss with politicians in the Afghanistan government the issue of young refugees without parents forced to return from Europe and Sweden. This is a very difficult and important question for all of us.
Furthermore, we will be able to visit a former American military hangar that today is used for rehabilitation of heroin addicts. The heroin problem is deep as an abyss in Afghanistan and is destroying a whole generation.
We will try to document as much as we can without risking safety.
We are available for lectures and questions as soon as we come home in December.

16-01-26 Our work together with NGO Tabish Org. in Afghanistan continues intensively, planning to visit Kabul in the summer of 2016.

15-09-23 goes to Berkeley University, California, to attend the course FACS, Facial Action Coding System, conducted by PhD Erica Rosenberg. 

15-01-29 Kris & TraumaCentrum Sörmland is now available on Facebook. 

15-01-23  Kris & TraumaCentrum Sörmlands updated mailadress: info@ktcsormland.se

14-12-03 April 2014: Kris & Traumacentrum Sörmland, Sweden conducted supervison and education regarding trauma treatment technics such as EMDR and other relevant methods useful in treatment of complex PTSD, in Kabul, Afghanistan. Since it was a very hostile and dangerous atmosphere at the time, a new president was going to be elected, it made our work a little more difficult.
Although, we had so much help and protection from our co-partners in Kabul, NGO
Tabish Org. so everything went well and we had some terrific interactive weeks.
Everybody was learning from each other. Future plans, a larger congress next
summer is at a planning level. As always, everything is at discussion level. Safety and logistics are always deciding.

13-08-05 We are expanding Kris och TraumaCentrum Sörmland, Sweden from September 2013. We are now also represented in Stockholm, Vegagatan 8.

13-06-01We have moved our address in Nyköping. Kris & TraumaCentrum is now available at: St. Anne Street 2B in Nyköping. For further information or contact, call:

+46 734-16 34 04.