Crisis in various states

Shock state

The shock state of a crisis lasts from several hours to a couple of days. Some people scream, some rush around in full panic, while others seem calm on the outside, but experience full chaos inside. People in shock rarely understand the full implications of what has happened. They are not able to talk about it in an understandable way. People around them can help provide participation and care. The information provided is hard to comprehend for a person in a shock state.

Reaction state

The reaction state begins when the victim slowly begins to realize what has happened. The reaction state is characterized by poor appetite and insomnia, as well as aggressiveness and self-destructiveness. The reaction state can last up to a couple of months together with the shock state.

Recovering state

The recovering state can last up to one year after the trauma. The person adjusts to the new circumstances, the symptoms of the reaction state decrease and the person becomes more stabile. The pain may be held back longer periods and makes way for normal functioning and a proper social life.

Reorientation state

This state is an ongoing process indefinitely. The individual has managed to process the event and passed through the crisis with enhanced self-esteem. A traumatic crisis don´t need to be devastating. Instead, it can lead to a reassessment of what is important in life and enrich the continuing life.