Some examples of our experiences

LONDON 190117-190119 – Training In Ego State Therapy With Robin Shapiro

”Finally, time for this workshop I’ve been waiting for. I landed at Stansted, with high expectations. The first day I found out that the participants had a long experience in working with trauma psychology. Many of us used EMDR as a tool In treatment. We learned to know each other quickly. Discussions started and we had a lot of knowledge and experiences to share. We had a fantastic teacher, Robin Shapiro from the US. The lectures was combined with practice. Peace’s started to fit in. The evenings were filled with discussions with two of my Swedish colleagues at some of the English pubs. Getting back to Sweden, cold winter,  from a London going towards spring…although my head was full of new knowledge, ideas and inspiration.”/Niko Laine
IRAQ; April-May 2017. KTC goes to refugee camps outside Kirkuk. Conducts group psychotherapy and psychological defusing amongst Yazidiern refugees that has escaped from Shingal mountains to avoid ethnic cleansing from Daesh. 

Afghanistan; Kabul, late November-december 2016. Workshop in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on focus to treatment and understanding trauma. The workshop was directed to staff, doctors and psychosocial workers, attending from Kabul, Helmand province, Kandahar province and also from Jalalabad.”

Afghanistan; April 2014. Kris och Traumacentrum Sörmland conducts workshop and does supervision for local medical staff in Kabul City including outside areas. Planning encreased cooperation with NGO Tabish Org. and local medical staff. Seeking funds from SIDA. Main target is trauma psychiatry.

Pakistan; KTC:S participates at congress, ”Clinical psychology – today and in the future” in Lahore, (Pakistan, december 2012).

Afghanistan; ”Tabish Social Health Organization, psychosocial counseling NGO (Non Government Organization), satisfy that Mr. Niko Laine, from Kris och TraumaCentrum Sörmland conducted 10 days workshop 19 february-29 february 2012 in the field of trauma and PTSD in Kabul, Afghanistan. Niko Laine were asked by the NGO to conduct theory, practical training and also practice figured catastrophe scenarios with video feedback. We see this as an opportunity to get highly proffessional supervision from Niko Laine and his colleague Lars Lekberg, due to the lack of this in Afghanistan. We are very greatful for Mr. Niko Laines help and effort to come and conduct this workshop with us despite the critical security risk in Afghanistan for the moment. / Dr. Wais Aria, Executive Director, TABISH Social Health Education Organization ” (Kabul, 2012).

Afghanistan; KTC:S participates in the 1:st intercountry conference on psychosocial rehabilitation. ”Reaching the unreached for PSR”. This event was kindly supported by
Mine Action Coordination Center of Afghanistan (MACCA). (
Kabul, 2010).

Educating Medicine Doctors in Supervision, according to set standards from the Swedish National Board of Health, since 2009 two times / year.

Iraq; forensic medicine, psychiatry and crisis management (Kirkuk, Halabja, 2006).

Bosnia; trauma medicine, psychiatry (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, 2001).

Summary of clinical guidelines, Local guidelines regarding the care of suicidal patients, (Landstinget Sörmland County, 2007).

Psychological care for survivors of the Estonia disaster.

The tsunami, psychological care for victims and relatives of victims.

The landslide disaster in Vagnhärad (Sweden, 1997).

Consulting and treatment center for refugees and victims of torture.

Trauma cases; Rape, robbery, homicide, suicide, aggravated assault, accidents.

Managing the construction of a mobile psychiatric emergency team in acute psychiatric care, in the county of Sörmland Sweden, operating since 1995.