About Us

My name is Niko Laine and I am a licensed psychotherapist, approved by the National board of Health in Sweden and Finland. I am also a supervisor and teacher in cognitive psychotherapy. I and my colleague Lars Lekberg are the founders of Kris & TraumaCentrum Sörmland and we have been active since 2008.

My background:                      

I have a university degree with psychology as main subject and a master degree in cognitive psychotherapy and supervision from Linköping University in Sweden. I have also studied forensic linguistics and forensic medicine. I have been working in the area of emergency psychiatry, cognitive psychotherapy and supervision for over 20 years. During the last 15 years both me and Lars have become more and more interested in the area of psychological trauma recovery and crises management. Although, the wide field of psychotherapy will always remain interesting for us.

When it comes to trauma and PTSD people usually think of disasters, refugees from war areas and so on. In recent time another aspect of trauma has become important to be aware of, the conditions, feeling of safety and being loved during the childhood years, presence of this or lack of this. Modern research clearly has shown that attachment theory with its different attachment patterns is a very important factor when it comes to understand the human being and his or hers behaviour, sensibility and capability to handle difficult situations and traumatic experiences in present time. This is an area that has become important to us in our work.

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